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In-Depth Analytics

Data Clique provides in-depth analysis and actionable insights for businesses of any size. We provide a complete picture of your key metrics to manage your marketing and your business.

  • Real-time customer behavior tracking
  • Gain/loss analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Advertising effeciency/effectiveness

Digital Display Advertising

Through our partnership with Experian, Data Clique executues targeted, trackable digital advertising at any scale. Accurate response attribution shows you exactly which new customers your campaign successfully converted. No more guessing which online media works best.

Targeted Direct Mail

Data Clique manages your mailing lists to keep them fresh accurate and targeted to your RIGHT prospects.

  • Pinpoint direct mail targeting based on your own custom lifestyle segmentation report
  • Simple prospect list creation and management
  • Post-campaign result reporting

Market Intelligence Reports

  • Single or Multiple markets
  • Single or Muiltiple locations
  • U.S., Canada and 25 international markets

Subscription Reporting

  • Track Customers & Trends in Real Time
  • Initial Reporting with full Market Intelligence Report
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annual updates and tracking

Segmented Mailing Lists

  • Specially-filtered Lifestyle Segmentation mailing lists for your target market
  • Direct mail management and response analysis

Online Digital Display Advertising

  • Lifestyle tailored social media advertising
  • Display advertising following prospects wherever they are on the web


  • Follow your customers geographically
  • Engage them with the right messaging at the right moment
  • Measure just how far your geographic market extends
  • Quickly see which media has the most influence on purchasing decisions
  • Media Influence/responsiveness profile for each lifestyle segment
  • Ratings for digital, social and traditional media by segment
  • Make smarter media buys by knowing which tactics are most effective

This report also uses an index system where 100 is average compared to all households in all Lifestyle Segments. We highlight any above average media usage (index numbers over 200) as significant findings for usage of traditional and digital media.